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What is a roboself?


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A software robot that runs on your computer, using the same applications and websites as you. 


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Always online for you and accessible even through Whatsapp


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A digital assistant that listens to you and executes the repetitive tasks fast and  without error.

Actions executed successfully for the first customers

50,000+ actions

How does it work?

Natural Language

Tell your roboself what to do using natural language. The robot will ask for any additional information if needed. You can talk to your roboself using multiple chat platforms, including Whatsapp.


Your roboself executes the tasks directly on your computer, using the same applications and the same websites, just a lot faster. 

UiPath - Robotic Process Automation

Works with RPA

RoboSelf integrates seamlessly with UiPath technology, global leader in the Robotic Process Automation market. 

Customer reaction on first usage

"This is the most interesting day of my life!"


Who are we?

Răzvan Dinu

Chief Executive Officer

Tech entrepreneur with a passion for technology-focused products. PhD in Artificial Intelligence and 2x silver medals in international math olympiads. 

Traian Rebedea

 Chief Data Scientist

PhD in Natural Language  Processing (NLP) with solid experience as a Machine Learning scientist both in companies and academia. Teaching & mentoring to transmit some of my passion and interest to others. 

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We're hiring!

If you're excited about taking people out of repetitive jobs and giving them back their time, join us! Tell us your superpower and how you can help us. 

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